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The American Bully is a happy, outgoing, stable and confident dog. With this designer breed being so young and still relatively new in Australia, people take one look and instantly mistake Bullies for their smaller and higher drive counterparts, the Staffordshire Terrier and Pit bull Terrier. With their big stocky head and XL muscular appearance they can be quite intimidating and easily labelled as being aggressive, this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the American Bully.
Contrary to what the Karen’s would have you believe, these guys are super affectionate and amusing. The American Bully was purpose bred to be calm, docile and extremely loyal with a sheer devotion and eagerness to please their owners. This in conjunction with a high pain tolerance to withstand little ones pokes and prods truely makes Bullies the ‘Ultimate Companion’ dog, and without a doubt one of the best family dogs and children’s companion you could ask for.



Apart from the American bullies amazing temperament and low drive as mentioned above, they have impressive physical attributes as well. The American Bully, (XL class)  are known for their large size, dense and muscular build, wide chest, thick neck and massive head with pronounced cheeks and high set ears. 
In general, female XL bullies weight ranges from 35kg - 50kg with a  height of 19inch - 23inch where as males can range from 45kg - 70kg and 23inch - 26inch in height. Height and weight vary due to the bloodlines brought together in the breeding and don't be surprised if you come across bullies that are even heavier than mentioned above!

Their coats are short and glossy making them low maintenance for grooming and come in a large range of colours: black, white, blue, chocolate, champagne, lilac, fawn, and brindle. Each of these colours can be found in either solid coats, tri colour coats, merle or pied. The large variety makes this designer breed incredibly unique.

Bullies are super trainable and amazing inside dogs, they aren't overly active and are very comfortable being a couch potato but also happy to work for their owner if needed.  Being a brachy breed bullies generally don't cope well in extreme heats and need to be kept inside or in sufficient shade during the summer.


The American Bully is a companion dog breed that came about in the 1990’s, and was officially recognised by the ABKC in 2004.
These lovable guys were purpose bred to be amazingly loyal with calm temperaments and low drive hence the nickname “The Ultimate Companion”. The American Bully comes in 4 different recognised categories dependant on height, these are: Pocket, Standard, Classic and XL. The American Staffordshire terrier was the foundation breed used to create the American Bully, throughout the years different strains of the Amstaff emerged within the breed, each with different physical attributes. One particular Amstaff strain developed a specific, stockier, physique similar to how you see bullies today, these guys were heavier, had a wider chest and displayed features that warranted their own breed. The bloodline of this Amstaff strain was then influenced with the introduction of American Bulldog, English Bulldog, and Olde English Bulldogge in order to fine-tune desired physical characteristics and personality traits such as low prey drive, loyalty and kindness to other dogs. Therefore the American Bully was born, much stockier, heavier and wider than the Amstaff and with the temperament of a family loving, couch potato Bulldog ( a win-win if you ask us!).